• Every day, hundreds of dedicated employees
    work together to create a Tribute to a lifetime.

  • Victoriaville boasts impressive production capacity: more than 400,000 square feet of
    factory floor filled with modern equipment that enables production techniques of the highest precision.

  • Victoriaville excellence begins with our supply of quality hardwood.
    A total of 11 species is available, the widest range in the industry.

  • More than 10 million board-feet of hardwood are dried each year under ideal conditions in our
    12 modern wood kilns, for a total capacity of 400,000 board feet. Victoriaville is the only
    Canadian manufacturer that kiln-dries its own wood. It’s an important component of our quality control process.

  • More than 60 years of know-how and
    craft have been handed down from generation to generation.

  • Quality can be appreciated in the smallest detail. Each part is produced as if it were unique.
    While using the latest technology, Victoriaville has retained that old-fashioned love of craft that has always been its hallmark.

  • At Victoriaville, quality takes many forms:
    design, construction, and finish, just to name a few.

  • Every year, Victoriaville produces tens of thousands of wood caskets,
    which makes it one of the top three manufacturers in North America.

  • Victoriaville uses tried and true conventional finishing techniques.
    The extremely high quality of our products' finish is appreciated around the world.

  • All the wood we use is of the highest quality. The special care we take in sanding and polishing
    helps us obtain the impeccable finish for which Victoriaville is known. It takes time and talent to get it right.

  • In order to meet Victoriaville's high standards of quality, each component is
    inspected from every angle, ensuring perfection in the final product.

  • The interiors of our caskets are built
    according to our own unique design and finished with care.

  • Every last detail must be perfect. For us, perfection is a point of honour and a matter of personal pride.
    The final touch at the final inspection. The casket is now ready for the Victoriaville seal.

  • After being carefully wrapped, the caskets are ready to be shipped out.
    Each one will serve as a Tribute to a Lifetime.

  • Our shipping service, supported by an impressive fleet of trucks,
    guarantees delivery without fail to more than one hundred distribution centres throughout North America.

  • Our culture of know-how, respect, quality, commitment, and integrity reminds us
    every day that we are building a Tribute to a Lifetime. Nothing less will do.

  • (Belgium, June 9, 2003) Burial service for 3 Canadian veterans in Dominion series caskets in silver maple.
    This model, also used for the repatriation of the Unknown Canadian Soldier in May 2000,
    has truly become a reference of quality.

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