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Story of Passion

Victoriaville Group was born out of determination, leadership, and the desire to succeed. The story of its success is also the story of a family and of an entire region renowned for the quality of its goods and services.

Today Victoriaville Group is made up of a number of businesses dealing with various aspects of the funeral services sector that have come together to share their expertise in production and skills in marketing.

The goal: offering every licensed funeral home a complete range of high quality products and services with the best quality/price ratio on the market.

1907 J.E. Hébert starts up a lumber mill company.

1939 J.E. Hébert forms a partnership with J.A. Dumont.

1945 Victoria Industries is created, specializing in producing furniture with the wood from its own sawmill.

1948 Victoria Industries becomes Victoriaville Caskets Ltd.

1954 Claude Dumont, nephew of J.A. Dumont, begins working for the company.

1974 Claude Dumont becomes company president.

1975-1983 Expansion and modernization. The company joins the ranks of the largest and most well-known casket manufacturers in Canada.

1984 Acquisition of the company Mount Forest Caskets in Mount Forest, Ontario, now operated under the name Premier Caskets.

1989 Strategic alliance with Aurora, the largest independent manufacturer of steel caskets in the US.

1990 Acquisition of the assets of Atlas Caskets, which goes on to become Vic Royal Caskets Inc. Directed by Alain Dumont, son of Claude, representing the third generation in the business.

1995-1996 Cerco Industries, Montreal Caskets and Danyco Funeral Products join Victoriaville Group in order to address two strategic needs: a larger portion of the Montreal market and a wider range of products for cremation.

1997 Major factory fire at Vic Royal Caskets Inc.

1999-2001 Massive investment of $25M including relocation, modernization and expansion of the Vic Royal plant in Victoriaville.


Creation of Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc. combining the manufacturing capacity of Vic Royal and the marketing of the entire range of funeral and memorialization products offered by The Victoriaville Group.
Creation of the organizational structure needed to sustain the growth of the Group, including adoption of the ERP SAP system.


Investment of $5M including, relocation and modernization of the paint system and implementation of two new assembly lines to manufacture under patented processes, two new casket collections.


Acquisition and integration of Advantage Distributors of New Brunswick and J.I. Astley Associates inc. of Toronto as well as the construction of a new distribution hub in Victoriaville.


February 16, 2010 and February 22, 2011- Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc., (Victoriaville Group), celebrates winning one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies awards. It is the first time in the history of the program that such a distinction has been awarded to a funeral industry related company in Canada.  

2012Manchester Supply Inc. & Alton Casket Company merge with Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc.
2014Exclusive strategic partnership between Funeraltech and Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc.
2015Prestige 2000 LTD. merges with Victoriaville Funeral Supplies Inc.
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